Support From Colleagues

Thank you! That was very touching so hear about how small things can have a huge impact.

Towards a Healing Heart

Many colleagues helped me when I was dealing with infertility. Some would tell me in private that they were expecting a child or that another colleague was pregnant to allow me to deal with my emotions. One teacher brought me chocolate ice cream when I was having “hot flashes” from the hormones that I was taking for the in vitro fertilization. Some would pray for us. Some would lend me their ears and some would give me their shoulders to cry on. Sometimes, a colleague could see that the lunchtime conversation was bringing me down, so he or she would change the subject or suggest that we go for a walk.

One particular colleague and friend made me a beautiful necklace of chain maille with eight purple jade beads, centered with a fertility goddess made of purple jade. The significance of the purple jade is purifying and repelling negative feelings…

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