What I learned from my mother

Mother’s day is coming up and my mind is on my own mother. I think of her often and remember her nurturing presence, words, touch, and thoughtful interactions. I remember seeing her work in the garden on a hot day. I would bring her water to quench her thirst to let her know that I appreciated her and her hard work to feed and care for our family.  She taught me so many things that have shaped me into who I am today.

I will admit that most of what I know and am skilled at today, is what I learned from my mother. I had to get academic degrees and certifications in order to prove this wisdom that I inherited from her despite the fact that she gave it freely.

One of my recent flashbacks from the past is an egg white face mask. I recall that she was fond of beauty and wanted to keep herself up, despite the challenges of raising 4 children mostly by herself with many limiting factors. I remember seeing the glossy finish on my mother’s face as the face mask air dried and eventually cracked. She would wash it off and then pamper her face with moisturizer. I will have to say that I am still amazed at how well her face looks at the age of 80! I have used this face mask 2 x in 2 weeks and feel amazing after the treatment.

Cleanse your face and neck then follow these steps to make an egg white face mask:

  1.  Crack an egg and do your best to keep the yolk in tack.
  2.  Separate the egg white from the egg yolk.
  3.  Whisk the egg white until you break up some of the texture.  At this point, I like to blend in essential oils. My favorite is Lavender from Young Living.
  4.  Use a new/clean paintbrush to apply it to the entire face, neck and upper chest.
  5.  Let the egg white face gloss completely dry on your face then apply another layer.  I like doing 3 layers.
  6.  After the final layer has completely dried, crack the egg white enamel by smiling really big to stretch your skin. This will propel your facial lymphatic system. Do that as many times as you feel you need to stretch the skin on your face.
  7.  Wash off the mask with warm water.
  8.  Apply your favorite moisturizer.

I have very sensitive skin. An injury to my face when I was a child created a line of scar tissue around my chin, jawline, and back of my occipital cranial base. Therefore, the lymph easily gets clogged in my face. This face mask seems to have exactly the right amount of stretch effect on my facial skin to allow a gentle healthy lymphatic detox. Try it out and let me know what you think!

IMG_20180410_134727_620 (1)

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