Mechanical Care Forum: info for physical therapists and chiropractors

One of my goals as a physical therapist is to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals. When we come together to understand each other, the power we have to help our patients get relief is tremendous!

Historically, physical therapist and chiropractors have been head to head competing with one another in a multitude of ways. The foundation of my training is in physical therapy, but I have been a practitioner of alternative modalities for nearly as long as I have been a PT.  Long story short, while the biggest response from my body toward healing has been directly from applying physical therapy in the form of mechanical diagnosis based movement (AKA directional preference of movement), I can say that at times other valuable treatments were needed to help support me on my healing path.

If you are a physical therapist or a chiropractor in a place looking for this kind of collaboration then consider that we can be amazing teammates for each other.  Let’s get on the same page and support each other in a way that counts for our practice and for our patient achieving ultimate results!

Enjoy reading and listening to:

216-Dr. Thomas Lotus, Part 2: More than a question asker

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