Integrative Body Therapists

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Ricardo SaldiaRolfer, Biofeedback Specialist
Ricardo started out his career in healthcare as a firefighter then found that he was being called to work with people in health education, injury prevention, and recovery. His personal experience with Rolfing has assisted him in his own multilevel expansion giving him real evidence of the importance of freeing up the body from myofascial restrictions to allow for improved function in all aspects of life. He also offers sessions in Quantum Biofeedback using the SCIO medical technology which is a tool to help the individual understand energy flow in their body. The SCIO provides valuable information helping the individual learn to make different choices to optimize overall function.
Tomiko Saldia, MS, PT, RYT, Cert. MDT
Tomiko graduated from Andrews University and has been integrating holistic wellness with physical movement ever since. Her work brings art and science together creating an integrative experience to help individuals tap into their innate healing abilities. Self-care is the most important cornerstone in doing this along with manual therapy and exercise facilitation as keys to assist in helping individuals reach their highest level of function. Her holistic approach to physical therapy starts with the diagnosis of the problem and uses treatments including structural integration, exercise prescription, and stress reduction techniques to provide optimum relief of the problem.

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