We are inviting you to experience a holistic approach to managing the physical concerns you have about your body. We work with people of all ages and conditions including injuries and pain sustained from work, motor vehicle accidents, sports, poor posture, pregnancy, physical, emotional trauma, pelvic health issues and age-related changes for both men, women, and children. We also work with well individuals who are seeking performance enhancement in sports, work or just normal daily activities. Your exercise program will likely integrate concepts of yoga, meditation, core stabilization, interval training, balance work, and breath restoration. Bodywork that may be a part of your treatment plan may incorporate structural integration (Rolfing/movement education), reiflexology, lymphatic drainage, and craniosacral therapy. Quantum Biofeedback is a tool we use with clients to deliver healing currents to assist with stress management. Biofeedback can give the individual valuable information about what their personal needs are from a bioelectric perspective (how energy flows in your body) using the SCIO biofeedback technology.

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